Don’t take that too literally, though. Sometimes “yourself” sucks; but, it is important that you know who that is before you go hacking off pieces of your personality and style to make room for someone else’s. The following tips will help you embrace your authentic self – in business and in life – and avoid fraudulence as much as possible.

  1. Learn who you are before taking advice. How many times have you blamed a mentor or a business coach for leading your business somewhere you weren’t ready to take it? Yes, they are partially to blame for handing out cookie cutter business strategies, but, it is your responsibility to follow their advice with your own style and personal goals in mind.
  2. Borrow tastefully. Everyone can tell when you’ve borrowed a shirt that doesn’t quite fit. Your brand is no different. There is nothing new under the sun, so, when attempting to do something that’s already been done, dare to be different. Let your industry mates inspire you and leave it at inspiration.
  3. Run your own race. To be very blunt: I am not working with a million dollar budget (yet), so I don’t try to keep up with companies that are. Even if I did have that kind of bank, there are probably countless circumstances that separate my companies and someone with the same budget. Mind your business. Literally.

So here it is: Be yourself. It’s why people chose you in the first place! If it doesn’t feel 100% authentic, what do you think it looks like? Your clients/customers/following can smell a fraud from a mile away. Talk to us below!

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