Unless you’re thinking about next summer, you should consider packing up your business’ summer duds. Have you weatherized your site/ social media accounts? You want your following to know that you’ll still be relevant as the seasons chance. Here are a few ways you can subtly update your social media without disturbing your brand and confusing your following.

  1. Update your sales and offers to match the new or upcoming season. Pushing your Christmas trees on December 25th may not be the best idea. You should already be planning posts for Valentine’s Day.
  2. Add a splash of seasonal style to your graphics and text. You may want to add a few striking new colors to your palette or try mixing in some fancy seasonal fonts.
  3. Reintroduce your business. The changing season is a great time to reintroduce your business. Your followers are other people’s followers as well. reintroducing yourself with a seasonal twist will remind them of who you are and why they followed you in the first place.
  4. Exploit the holidays! Every season has a few key holidays and national observances. Give a tasteful nod to them while working in an announcement from your business.

These are a few of our tips. Talk to us and let us know yours!




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