Hey! I bet you are planning something right now. If you are like some of our clients, you’re probably waiting for it to be “finished” before you release it to the public. With seemingly overnight sensations like the Tata Towel, it’s easy to trick yourself into thinking that your planning phase doesn’t deserve merit.

Well, I’m telling you to pat yourself on the back for putting pen to pad and starting somewhere. Keep in mind that THIS is your start. Not the launch. Not the success. This.

We must do away with the practice of minimizing any part of our entrepreneurial journey just because we aren’t yielding anything tangible like money or praise – of which planning often has very little.

During your planning time – however long that may be – you have the unique opportunity to allow people to see something start from scratch. How much or how little you show them is up to you, but, never be afraid to show your potential clients, customers and/or supporters that something is in the works. If you are a person who is motivated by praise, a little transparency during your planning process will go a long way.Spill some beans every once in a while so that by the time you’re ready to launch, you have already built a following.

We know you’ve spent countless hours planning. You know as well as we do how laborious the pre-work has been. So hush up with all of that “I’m not ready” stuff and congratulate yourself. Once you’ve taken the first steps, you’re doing the thing! The work that you are doing behind the scenes is valuable and necessary!

Are you planning something right now? Tell us about it. Let us motivate you through it!


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